Zimbabwe's President Manangagwa Blamed for Coronavirus Death in Zimbabwe

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

July 31, 2020, Zimbabwe police arreste protesting nurses. The president, in an angry mood, Zimbabwe's president Emmerson Manangagwasaid refers to his critics as criminals "in league with foreign rouges" to destabilise the country's economy. This came on the heels of state security repressing an anti-government protest with violence injuring 30 people. Protesters were angry with the government's failure to improve and stabilize the economy, and improve the health and agricultural systems.

Zimbabwe's economy is said to be the weakest in the region with the currency performing far below that of currencies of neighboring countries. Zimbabwe was once the 'Bread Basket' for southern Africa feeding South Africa and neighboring countries in the region. President Manangagwa came to power with the full backing of the country's military. That wedding is over and the marriage is going sour by mid-2020. Food shortage in Zimbabwe is causing more deaths by July than the COVID-19 pandemic. More and more people are dying from the disease. Hospitals including the Harare Central Hospital are barely able to respond at all and only on the most limited of scale in the face of hundreds of thousands of sick or potentially sick people at any given time.

Manangagwa has many more problems on his hands than he expected.

Bodies of 7 babies who died from lack of treatment for COVID-19 in Zimbabwe

Hospital chart showing death rates in Harare alone.

Mr. President Emmerson Manangagwa is generally held to be the principle guilty party for the lack of preparation in Zimbabwe for COVID-19

Severe food shortages are breaking out in Zimbabwe, in a once Southern Africa's traditional "bread basket" country. The army is also hungry and steals the people's food with near impunity.



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