This is the city block in Arica, Chile, on the left, where a huge Walmart (Lider) store was looted and virtually destroyed. It is not surprising that Walmart was targeted. In fact, the entire corporate economic structure of the economy is under attack, seen as fair game. These protests in Chile which continued for three months prior to bringing in the new year 2020, are shocking, a real wake up call, because Chile at least used to be the richest country in South America, with the most vibrant economy. These days, Chileans with money do not even need a visa to visit the USA.

Inequality is the key to understanding the Chilean situation. While the per-capita income is high, among South American countries, so is the inequality. Chile is one of the most unequal societies in the world, and this has given rise to these protests, with the lower echelons of society no longer placidly accepting what they perceive to be discrimination against them by the state, in favor of the handful of elites that own most of the economy, including large corporations, and especially large, symbolic, foreign economic entities like Walmart.

Tear gas Chile

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Chileans march in Santiago

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Chile protest streets fire

Ghosts of the past are also present in the conflict in Chile. Multi-generational memories are alive and well in Chile these days and there is also a sense of righting a historical wrong: addressing the overthrow of President Allende in 1972, as a result of US intervention and manipulation, and the torture and murder of thousands of Chileans by the security forces that ousted Allende who was struggling to create greater equality of opportunity in Chile.


Protest2020! 2020 is the year of protest, ushered in on the heels of 2019, which saw numerous social explosions in the last few months of the year. Climate change, in particular, is feeding a well-founded sense of fear, particularly among the vulnerable and their activist allies whose lives and futures are highly precarious. In fact, all of us are vulnerable, and awareness is growing of the way in which we are all in this together. While in most places, most notably Hong Kong, protests have turned violent and thousands of arrests have been made, there have not yet been large numbers of fatalities, although dozens of protestors have died and continue to die in South America. In other parts of the world, most notably the Middle East – home to warfare for decades – particularly in Iraq and its neighbor and former enemy Iran, hundreds of protestors have been killed with live, military-grade ammunition. After 5 years of civil war in Syria, protest has given way to military action hand in hand with death and destruction. The numbers of people murdered by the governments of the region are not fully known, and especially hard to verify in Iran, where a brutal religious dictatorship maintains a thick cloak of secrecy over such information.

Iran and its allies in Iraq are now moving precipitously towards war with the United States, in part because the mentally ill president of that country needs to wage war in order to win reelection. Large parts of the world that are the most vulnerable to the ravages of climate change are already suffering; places like the Philippines are experiencing devastating and lethal storms, one after the other, breaking all historical records.

Much of Australia has been on fire for months as we ring in 2020, accompanied by the hottest temperatures on record. This is changing Australian lives, politics, and the consciousness of the ordinary Australian who is now getting involved in the struggle to save their island, and coming to a better understanding of how their survival is linked to the rest of the world. In Japan, forces are growing in protest to push the Japanese government towards support for the Hong Kong protestors, confronting mainland China; also supporting the struggles of minority groups in mainland China, reporting on government abuses, etc. The US government has expressed its full support for the Hong Kong protestors, further escalating tensions between these two superpowers along with ally Russia. These tensions were already at their most aggravated moments as a result of the US/China trade war.

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To make matters still worse, especially for SE Asia, the North Korean dictator is threatening the use of a new strategic weapon. Our world on the arrival of 2020 is a tinderbox as never before. The 2020 presidential elections in the USA will be the single greatest determining factor for the survival of the planet. Given that the current president preaches a doctrine of conflict and confrontation rather than collaboration, and denies that climate change is even exacerbated by man-made actions, if he is re-elected, there will be little hope for our world in the short term.

Here at, we invite you to protest, share your views, and help us all to march towards a more sustainable and peaceful world that will not totally implode, at least within our lifetimes, leaving hope for life to continue in more intelligent forms, better appreciating our planetary home. We ultimately seek harmony with nature so as to preserve life as we know it, as we dream it could be. Everything depends on how hard we are willing to fight to make it so.


Let’s get arrested, the more the merrier!