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Protest 2020

Since the Spring of 2019, the largest civil protests in history have been sweeping over vast sections of the globe, beginning in Hong Kong in March of 2019 and continuing. Hong Kong people, in particular, stand at the forefront of our global struggle since they are basically at war in the streets demanding their human dignity, the sovereignty of their legal and traditional home, and freedom from mainland Chinese Communist tyranny. This year, 2020, the battle for Hong Kong continues and, inspired by the murder of George Floyd and others like him, anti-racism protests have been sweeping the planet, nurtured by the devastation and misery resulting from COVID-19.

Hong Kong Protest tactics spreading around the world, adopted by climate change activists


Extinction Rebellion!

Black Lives Matter!

While not nearly as bloody as protests in other parts of the world - Iraq for example, with many hundreds of demonstrators already killed by security forces, or Iran where the number taken prisoner is not public information – Hong Kong is leading the way in media coverage and political influence. The stakes for the entire world are enormous, since the expansion, hegemony, and systemic human rights abuses of the Chinese Communist Monster hang in the balance.With the rise and rejuvenation of the Hong Kong movement for sovereignty and freedom, protestors have followed their example across broad sections of not only Latin America, but also the Middle East. In both of these areas, most notably first Chile and then Lebanon, the fight is for greater levels of equality and a total restructuring of government in a call for greater democracy, inclusion, political participation, meritocracy, and a call for an end to corruption and human rights abuses. We at Protest2020 salute these developments, as we see them as paving the way for greater respect for human dignity in a volatile and rapidly evolving social order moving in directions that are hard to predict, yet largely determined by events on the ground, especially protests.